How to Enroll In Medicare

Whether you’re turning 65, leaving the workforce at 67, or qualifying for Medicare after 24 months of disability, there are steps you must take to ensure you have all Medicare plan options available to you.  A local Plan Advisors Hawaii agent can assist with these steps, not only allowing for a smooth transition without a break in coverage, but to avoid penalties as well. Your Plan Advisors Hawaii agent can also advise as to what special election periods you qualify for and your options around timing for this transition, whether it’s a birthday, retirement, or disability.

Some additional steps you should consider when becoming eligible for Medicare, or just ready to activate eligibility are:

  1. Attend a Medicare 101 Presentation – Learning the A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s of the entitlement program is a great foundation and allows for more robust conversation with your local agent about choices and strategies.



  2. Complete an authorization form with both Medicare and your plan of choice. This allows a spouse, loved one, or your local agent to speak on your behalf regarding any matters related to your benefits, claims, billing, etc.



  3. Schedule an appointment with your physician – This is not only a good routine practice to begin with, but re-establishing a baseline with your physician under a new health plan can ensure that you are able to get connected with all the benefits and resources that may not have previously been available to you.

Sign up for and your plan’s member portal… Online tools allow you to check claims, order replacement cards, change billing options, track preventive services, and maintain your information in one convenient place.

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